8 Digital Trends in 2018
8 Digital Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing is term for marketing of products or services using digital technologies like mobile,tablets,online marketing,social media marketing etc.In simplistic terms , digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.Digital marketing trend is inevitable  and has gained popularity in 2016 with medium and large size business.Companies in india are outsourcing IT services from software companies to avail website for their business and marketing of the products through distinct online mode. Fröken M | FrokenMela.se | Sida 3

Expectations from 2018

Some  marketers have faith that internet space is under expansion as more  companies entering the digital world.But there are others who say there will be a complete makeover of how search engine giants and users give preference to huge data available online.You should know the fact about online marketing industry.It is huge, complex and volatile.When your are capable of striking the right  nerve of the internet users you can appeal to them in a better way and stay ahead in the competition.


To make things little easy for you,expert have made a list of reliable digital marketing trends that you need pinstaporn.com/ focus on 2018 to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.

  1. Video ads becoming dominant
  2. Smartphones are the latest computers
  3. More dedicated Apps this year
  4. It’s time for social conversion
  5. More wearable this year
  6. Online ads will become more expensive
  7. Unique content strategy will win
  8. Big data and analytics – things you cannot ignore

Video ads becoming more dominant

Though  the concept of video ads are not new for social media giants like facebook,youtube, but the  news of google entering the competition with SERP video ads will transforms the entire spectrum of internet advertisement.Even users accepting video ads and its seems this trend is just not passing by with the time and more video ads will pop-up in the computer screens sooner.

SmartPhones are the latest computers

Today, desktop  is only used by the professional to perform their app development job. Users are seamlessly leveraging mobile devices to stream live.you notice that school going children are even having their personal  smartphone. More smartphone usage and faded desktop traffic clearly reveal that the smart money rests on mobile – focused online marketing.This is why software companies and developers in india are making mobile search and mobile optimization as the top priority for digital marketing strategy in 2018.

More dedicated apps this year

A dedicated application provides the all the latest features of the mobile optimized website.You may ask what is so different about it.such app offer these features in a more intuitive ,convenient and accessible way.As Google has provided App indexing feature, it will bring in advantages to acquiring a dedicated app in the near future.Though things will take time,but business owners have realized their potential and 2018 will be pivotal year for mobile App development and software company.


It’s time for social conversion

You have to see beyond the things that talk about the power of social media .Till now, social media was immensely used for interaction and feedback purposes but today ,businesses are using social network sites enhance conversion rules.Social media offers tool that help in converting prospects directly into buyers, which is just a great things for businesses.

More wearable this year

Be it you Apple Watch, Moto 360, or Google Glass,you can wear these gadgets on the go and stay in digital world .This year we will see more of such smart devices in wearable technology that will transform the concept of local marketing.Digital marketers will involve more in wearable technology to diminish the difference between online and real marketing.

Online ads will become more expensive

There is outstanding growth in digital marketing practices since past few years.

Unique content strategy will win

Content  will rule in the digital marketing world and will remain critical part of every online marketing campaign in future.Content will rule in digital marketing world and will remain a critical part of every online marketing campaign future.Readers will get connected with unique and the authentic content.Moreover specialized writers will get more opportunities in coming future.

Big data  and analytics – things you cannot ignore

The Significance of big data in the business sector cannot be neglected.we all are aware of the valuable data available across the world ,and only A few  companies are making the best use of data.In the digital marketing era,professionals can measure everything.It is very crucial that every important decision should be supported by the application of data and analytics.Enormous Data” will be information whose scale, decent variety, and many-sided quality require new design, methods, calculations, and examination to oversee it and concentrate esteem and concealed learning from it.Big data may well me the next thing in IT world.Big data burst upon the scene in the first decade of the 21st century.The main associations to grasp it were on the web and begin firms.firms like Google,ebay, LinkedIn and Facebook were worked around enormous information from the earliest starting point.Like  many new information technologies,big data can bring about dramatic cost reduction, substantial improvement in time required to perform a computing task,or new product and service offering.

A brief about Artificial intelligence

The relationship with technology continue to evolve .Soon there will be a time when machines will able to learn and adapt  their environments.Artificial Intelligence was earlier considered to be a fiction,but today, it has become a reality.Developer and programmers are using al technology to intend creative applications.Artificial intelligence is the study of how to make computers do things that people are better at or would be better at if. They could extend what they do to a World Wide Web-sized amount of data and  not make mistakes.The examination of PC structure that undertaking to exhibit and apply the understanding of the human identity.The investigation of PC framework that endeavor to demonstrate and apply the insight of the human personality.A branch of software engineering managing reproduction of savvy conduct in PCs.The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. The power of machine to copy intelligent human behavior. Principle of AI include reasoning,knowledge,planning,learning, communication perception ability to move and manipulate objects.

Microsoft want to crack the cancer code using artificial intelligence

Malignancy resembles PC infection can be illuminated by figuring out the code as indicated by Microsoft. Researchers are using artificial intelligence in new healthcare initiative to target cancer cell and eliminate the diseases.IBM is working on a program called Watson oncology which analyzes the person health info against research data.Google teaming up with U.K’s government healthcare system to find if artificial intelligence technology can help in detecting and preventing eye diseases and blindness.


6 Aspects of AI

1.Stimulating higher functions of the human brain

2.Programming a computer to use general language

3.Arranging hypothetical neurons in a manner so that they can form concepts

4.A way to determine and measure problem complexity

5.Self improvement

6.Abstraction: Defined as the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

Application of AI

Finance:Bank are man made brainpower frameworks to arrange operations,invest in stock and oversee properties.In August 2001, robot beat humans in a simulated financial trading competition.

Medicine : A restorative center can utilize AI framework to sort out bed plans, make a staff revolution and give medicinal data.AI also application in the field of cardiology , neurology (MRI),embryology,complex operation of internal organ.

Social Sites:Facebook need to investigate the way individuals speak with each other so it can add new highlights to administrations or even consequently evacuate hostile posts.

Robotics:Robots are physical agents that perform tasks by manipulating the physical world .Robots are manufactured as hardware .The control of robot is AI that reads data from the sensors decides .

Heavy Industries:Gigantic machine include hazard in their manual upkeep and working. So in winds up essential part to have a computerized AI specialist in their activity.

Education: AI specialists have made numerous apparatuses to take care of the most troublesome issues in software engineering.

A definitive objective of foundation and researchers chipping away at AI is to take care of lion’s share of issue or to accomplish assignment which we human straightforwardly can’t achieve.

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