Website Design VS Search Engine Rankings Relation
Website Design VS Search Engine Rankings Relation

The modern and young generation is always on the hunt for new techniques to complete the tasks in the most convenient way rather than following the traditional methods. This makes us to think that how much crucial it has become to click on the search engines and increase the user experience when they look for such convenience. The household chores, equipment, business, almost everything is now dependent on the parameter it has been used. For the particular segment, the technology used is the same, but the user experience is different. web design

User Experience

In the simple words, how accurate the user was able to search the information on the search engine and which website at which position provided the information is the user experience. User experience is one of the most important parts of any program because it determines how easy you can make a program. A powerful program with poorly designed user interface has little value. A  good  user interface usually represent the following

  1. The positioning of elements in places the user expects them
  2. Good use of  color coding
  3. Speed and fast page loads
  4. Activity indicators
  5. Help and Tool Tips

According to the Google webmaster’s study, if the user is not able to find the accurate data for what they are looking for on the website they clicked, the chances are they would switch on the next website in no time. In the study of the Google webmaster’s for the user experience analysis, it is found that user wait for 5 seconds for the website to load. If the loading time exceeds, then the chances are user will be quick to move to another website.

Keep The Website Simple

Keep the plain text instead of no graphics or the images. Make your website graphical, colorful and attractive but do not mess the website with too many features, images or the information. Present the website to the viewer with the appealing web design in the sync with website load time. The load time of the above website shown in the image is 2.81 sec. This means that the user had not to wait for a long time to look for the solution to its query. Once you have the decrease the website load time, ensure that the content and the features are easily understood with the unique style of the information. The user should experience the provision of the solution to their query- be it through the website or the web content. For help with financing check out quick easy low interest loans

Easy  Navigation

It should not be difficult for the user to look for the information on your website. The user should be able to move with ease from one feature or the tab to another without any hassles. In the simple language- the navigation of the website should be user-friendly. The website has the limited page size which means you do not have the complete access to the website page because there are different tabs offered for the segmentation of the services/ products you have to offer. Within the limited scale of the page, you have to update the information, without loading it with too much content. The user/ client visits your website with some purpose. The storyboarding of the website should be able to answer the following questions of the user: WHAT, WHY& HOW? When the website is able to answer this, the user experience will be positive. web design To rank on the SEO, it is necessary to make sure that your website is relevant enough for the better user experience. The website design, user experience, and the SEO ranking are directly proportional to each other. You cannot expect the lethargic website design and the content on it to rank on the SEO among the top 10 search results. There has to be the strong co-relation between the Website design and SEO ranking which will be based on the user experience rate. We have tried our best to put some light on the important information regarding the website design and the Search engine ranking. You can share the piece of the information with your friends on the social networking sites on Web development company Blacktown, Digital Marketing services in Narellan


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