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7 Best SEO Tools for small businesses

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As a small business proprietor, you perhaps comprehend the importance of SEO for bringing more website traffic which can be further converted into consumers. However, it is not a simple mission to drive traffic to your site amid intense competition. Companies have to target their proponents using suitable keywords. Also, they have to evaluate their competitors and track their rankings.

In order to watch over content marketing, traffic, and spotting technical issues all need the right optimization tools. For that, you have to specifically target the users with multiple different SEO tools. Professional optimization experts know the importance of analyzing all those tools simultaneously and to their absolute benefit.

Top SEO Tools for Small Businesses

You might be searching for an ultimate SEO outlet or a tool for a particular region of your campaign. To make it much easy for you to steer, we have listed down the most important SEO tools that can be helpful for a small business campaign:


Ahrefs gives a pack of 10 SEO tools including the keywords explorer, site explorer, and site audit tools. It will let you see the referring domains, backlinks of your page, organic keywords, and the ratio of organic traffic those keywords are drawing into your web page. Likewise, Ahrefs has a website audit tool that illustrates all the SEO modifications that can be done to your website. This includes putting in meta descriptions, missing alt text to images, and slowing down pages to better optimize them for search engine optimization.

Google Search Console

This is a free-to-use tool introduced by Google. It is a mandate for any company which is searching to optimize its web page for search engine optimization. Once you have finished setting up your account you will start receiving notifications if Google discovers omissions on your page. Here, you can also see important data like your click-through rate, keyword rankings, how many times your website popped up in the search results per keyword, and the number of clicks per keyword. Besides, you can tie Search Console to Analytics to open extra reporting mechanisms in your Analytics account. 


 RankMath is a strong SEO plugin for WordPress users. It is famous for its schema markup generator which enables people to easily reinforce schema to their web pages, stimulating breadcrumbs, automatically amplifying alt attributes to images, producing an XML sitemap, creation of a virtual robots.txt file, enabling users to revise meta noindex pages, and metadata.


Ubersuggest is very helpful for competitor analysis. It gives an incredible level of understanding about your competitors’ websites letting you overturn planning their SEO and content marketing strategies. It helps you to check their top keywords, backlinks, and pages that are carrying a rich proportion of traffic to their website.

Ubersuggest also enables you to observe compatible websites, identical keywords you rank for, the keywords that your competitors rank for, and the number of backlinks they have. This will help you to develop an SEO strategy to easily outrank them. Which is through targeting more keywords, growing your site’s backlink profile, and enhancing your content marketing strategy. The keyword discovery tool enables you to discover keywords to target by exhibiting trend changes, the traffic quantity, and the difficulty grade to rank for those keywords.


SEMrush is one of the best tools for giving in-depth SEO audits. Plus, it has a pack of 26 SEO tools that can be used to examine the SEO modifications you can bring on your page encompassing click depth, crawlability, backlinks audit, and more. Furthermore, the on-page SEO tool can assist in identifying advancements that can be done to your webpages to optimize them for SEO such as adding meta descriptions and identifying duplicate content pages.

Similarly, the local SEO tool can aid you to optimise your page for local search. While the link-building tool helps you to discover opportunities to bolster your backlink profile, the competitor SEO analysis tool will help to identify your competitor’s SEO techniques.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog trudges your web page and gives a detailed and wide estimation of the on-site SEO modifications. This can be brought into your page to optimize it for SEO. This includes proper formatting usage and meta description. Similarly, it also includes content modifications consisting of identifying missing alt text on images, duplicate content and thin content pages, page speed improvements, openings to enforce schema usage, and more.


The rank tracker will help to track the ranking of all the keywords within your web page on desktop and mobile across every search engine. This lets you examine the traffic metrics, the position your keywords are ranked in the results pages, and search volume. Also, you can keep a track of any motion in the stance of the keywords.

Rankster also has a website audit tool that helps to scan websites for technical on-page SEO problems. Also, the keyword research tool will help you find every keyword opportunity. This is through demonstrating the amount of difficulty it takes to rank for a particular keyword. It also helps to find long-tail keyword opportunities and notice whether SERP elements are displayed for an allotted keyword. By using this, you can build a strategy to target those keywords. Thus, it will optimise the page to rank for SERP elements.

Discover the Right SEO Tools for Your Business

All of these SEO tools are furnished with important and fundamental SEO functions. However, they are also recognized for a particular tool that is their forte. Hence, people have to access their SEO prerequisites of the page at present and choose the perfect tool. Likewise, website designing is also important to the prosperity of your SEO strategies.

Any plausible SEO agency can enable you to strategize on what will do perfect for you. Still, discovering a credible SEO partner for your program can be an exhausting task, particularly for a beginner. But, we are professional experts and credible digital marketing service providers who can help you steer from beginning to end. Contact us today for getting the top-quality SEO services at reasonable prices.



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